Escrows For You, Inc., provides escrows for Residential Resale, New Home Sales, Investment Properties, Foreclosures/Real Estate Owned Transactions, Refinance, Commercial and Industrial, Business Opportunities/Bulk Sales, Short Sales and Notary services.

Residential Resale

Since inception in 1990, Escrows For You has been real estate agents’ top choice for purchases and sales. We realize that every resale transaction is unique and requires the complete attention of a dedicated team of escrow professionals. 

No matter the sales price, from the largest to the most modest, we are the escrow company of choice in the residential resale market. Brokers trust our experience, professionalism, and attention to detail. We complete each escrow smoothly and in a timely manner ensuring a reliable partner in your closing.

New Home Sales

Escrows For You New Homes Sales division has an unparalleled reputation among builders. Our track record speaks for itself when it comes to volume closings and meeting builder deadlines. 

We take a team approach to every transaction and provide a liaison between the client and Builder. We have a large support and relief staff to meet builder deadlines and manage large volume closings.

Investment Properties

Investing in real estate takes vision, and we welcome the opportunity to be your partner as you grow your real estate portfolio. We will guide you through all the paperwork of your investment transactions, with our assitance the process will be smooth and straightforward.


Real Estate Owned transactions have stricter deadlines, tighter requirements, and can present special challenges when buying a property from a lending institution. Our team of Escrow Officers that specialize in residential and commercial R.E.O. transactions, enables banks to feel confident and secure that their escrows will efficiently close in a timely manner.


Leading financial institutions rely on Escrows For You to help them through the intricacies of a refinance escrow. Refinancing can be challenging and requires focus and dedicaton, as well as the ability to meet rigorous deadlines.

Commercial & Industrial

Commercial transactions present a unique set of challenges. Escrows For You has highly trained escrow officers who have years of experience with the most complex transactions. Our specialized team of Officers enables us to anticipate challenges, meet deadlines and troubleshoot problems in order to facilitate a successful close. That is why brokers and principals trust Escrows For You’s staff to manage their commercial and industrial real estate escrows.

Business Opportunity/Bulk Sales

Because each bulk sale is unique, these escrows are among the most challenging escrow transactions to manage and close successfully. The knowledge and experience of our Escrow Officers makes us exceptionally qualified to handle these complex escrows, ensuring a smooth transaction from beginning to end.

Short Sales

There are many unscrupulous companies and individuals that attempt to take advantage of short sellers during difficult times. As short sales are time sensitive and demanding, our staff consists of short sales experts to guide you through the process and enable banks and homeowners to feel confident that their escrow will close on schedule.

Notary Public

All Escrow Officers are licensed Notary Publics. We are available to notarize any documentation throughout the escrow process.